Happy Halloween from IPS!

Happy Halloween from IPS!

Happy halloween, everyone!

I cannot believe that we’re almost through October. This is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s always a relief when the days start to cool down, the leaves start turning, and the days begin to get shorter.

As we reflect on these seasonal cycles, I think it’s a good time to consider the traditional lifespan of a dental practice. Some of you are in your springtime, recently out of dental school, energized and ready to go. Some of you are enjoying the long, even days of summer. Maybe you’ve been practicing for 5 – 15 years, enjoying slow and steady growth and continuing to provide great care for your patients.

As the ‘autumn’ of your career approaches, you can (hopefully!) think back over an enjoyable and rewarding career. You’ve helped thousands of people smile a little bit wider. It’s during this time that you will probably start to think about a transition. It’s also about this time that you’ll probably want to start slowing down, practicing a little bit less, and spending more time with family and friends.

Often, when a doctor comes to us finally ready to sell, we look at the numbers and see a gradual decline year over year. This makes sense and is the natural result of working a little bit less. But it can have a dramatic effect on the value of the practice.

There are great options today for doctors to sell their practice before they start to work less. Selling doesn’t have to mean that you’re done seeing patients! There are some excellent strategies for getting the most value out of your practice before you’re ready to retire, and our great team of agents would be happy to sit down and discuss them with you.

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And just because it’s Halloween, here’s a very silly video I just made.

My Promo video #6

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