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What's the #1 value killer of a dental practice?

Are you considering selling your dental practice? Avoid costly mistakes that could cost you six figures. Whether you're planning to sell in the next five years or simply preparing for the possibility, expert dentist we've created this guide to help.

Learn from our firsthand experience and years of expertise. Inside you'll discover why hiring an associate may not always work, how to keep up practice growth, when to make large purchases, the importance of clean financials, and ensuring your own personal finances are in order before making the sale.

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Why Selling to an Associate Usually Fails

According to the ADA, hiring an associate to buy your practice fails 70% of the time. After working with over 750 practices, I believe these scenarios fail more like 90% of the time!

You probably know dentists who tried this and failed. I tried this several times and failed. Maybe you have also tried it several times and failed.

Looking back, it’s easy to see why...

Trevor Kimball

About Integrity Practice Sales

Navigating the complex process of selling your practice can make you feel like a first year dental student again!

We know you don’t want to leave money on the table or sell to the wrong doctor. That’s why Integrity Practice Sales helps you time the sale of your practice, find the right buyer, and navigate the complex process.

With IPS, you can move forward with confidence.

"When I was ready to sell my practice and move, I knew that I should turn to the professionals. My agent provided practical and objective advice. I really appreciate the direct, no BS approach. If you’re thinking about selling your practice, get off the fence and place your trust in brokers who provide more than the more conventional do."

Dr. Schlie

Redding, CA

We help owners avoid common dental practice sale pitfalls.

  • Wasting Time

    Don't waste hours with buyers who aren't serious or can't get funding

  • Adversarial Negotiations

    Aggressive negotiation tactics can result in massive frustration for all parties.

  • Pricing Too Low

    If you don’t know the market, it’s easy to leave money on the table.

  • Pricing Too High

    Pricing too high can bankrupt the buyer and leave your patients high and dry.

  • Burning Out

    The sales process can be long, and doing it yourself can be exhausting

  • Post Sale Problems

    A poorly structured transaction can be a ticking time bomb.