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At first, this seems like an obvious answer – when I’m buying a dental practice! But balancing due diligence before making an offer and after your offer is accepted is not as straightforward as it may seem.

Before signing a Letter of Intent (LOI), it is obviously crucial to ensure that the practice as it is presented matches your own acquisition criteria. At this stage, trust the information provided to you by the seller and/or the broker.

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Take a look at the insurances accepted in your potential office. Knowing what percent of the office is truly fee-for-service, out-of-network, insurance/ PPO, HMO capitation, or Denti-Cal is basic information necessary to make a good decision. There are successful and profitable offices using every insurance model out there, but all of the models are different, and you need to be sure you understand how the insurances work in the office.

Trevor Kimball

About Integrity Practice Sales

Navigating the complex process of selling your practice can make you feel like a first year dental student again!

We know you don’t want to leave money on the table or sell to the wrong doctor. That’s why Integrity Practice Sales helps you time the sale of your practice, find the right buyer, and navigate the complex process.

With IPS, you can move forward with confidence.

"When I was ready to sell my practice and move, I knew that I should turn to the professionals. My agent provided practical and objective advice. I really appreciate the direct, no BS approach. If you’re thinking about selling your practice, get off the fence and place your trust in brokers who provide more than the more conventional do."

Dr. Schlie

Redding, CA